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Michael Sears


"Action-packed series launch...Razor-edged prose, sharply defined characters, and a fast-paced plot boost this noir-wrought drama." --Publishers Weekly

"Sears makes real estate law as sexy and dangerous as international intrigue." --Kirkus

"A contemporary Philip Marlowe comes to Queens in this wonderfully engaging caper--a brilliantly character-driven mystery--set in the seedy street corners and seedier courthouses of New York. Michael Sears, master of financial secrets, spins a non-stop pursuit of not-quite-illegal big bucks and the power that goes with them--and the wisecracking wise guys who will stop at nothing to grab it all. Sears absolutely nails the voice of his endearingly vulnerable tarnished-lawyer turned sletuh--TOWER OF BABLE is a terrific book." --Hank Phillilppi Ryan, nationally best-selling and award-winning author of The Murder List

"TOWER OF BABEL is so full of New York characters and locations that you'd swear it was written on asphalt...A fast-moving and, because it involves corrupt politicians and shady real estate developers, completely believable plot." --SJ Rozan, best-selling author of Paper Son

Praise for Michael Sears

"Through four novels, Sears has shown he'll go to astonishing lengths to avoid making his hero, Jason Stafford, one more cookie-cutter PI...Sears delicately intertwines three distinct plot strands...Sears outdoes himself." --Bookliststarred review, for SAVING JASON

"Sears's exciting fourth novel featuring disgraced Wall Street trader Joason Stafford...Stafford is a flawed protagonist who is resourceful and touchingly vulnerable." --Publishers Weekly, for SAVING JASON

"It is not a stretch to say that LONG WAY DOWN will be one of the best thrillers of 2015. The story has a touch of kindness and love, as well as twists and turns based on absolute greed and corruption, making this a thriller that will be unforgettable for suspense fans everywhere." --Suspense Magazine, for LONG WAY DOWN

"As soon as Stafford tears into his new assignment, a buzz starts that won't let go. The tension and suspense are genuine and gripping." --Booklist, starred review, for LONG WAY DOWN

"If someone had told me one of my favorite new series would be about a disgraced Wall Street trader turned financial wrongdoings investigator, I would not have put money on it. But Michael Sears' Jason Stafford Series is so compelling you'll be turning pages even if all you balance is your checkbook." --Cleveland Plain Dealer, LONG WAY DOWN

"Sears is terrific at generating momentum and suspense." --Publishers Weeklystarred and boxed review, for BLACK FRIDAYS

"This stunning first thrilling and haunting at once." --Bookliststarred review, for BLACK FRIDAYS

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