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Julianna Baggott and Steve Almond

  • by Julianna Baggott and Steve Almond
  • Heinemann-UK

  • Soon to be a feature film!

    Two rambunctious, romantic flameouts. One boring wedding. One heated embrace in a quiet coatroom. This is not exactly the recipe for true love. John and Jane’s lusty encounter at a friend’s wedding isn’t really the beginning of anything with any weight to it; even they know that. When they manage to pull back, it occurs to them that they might start this whole thing over properly. They might try getting to know one another first, through letters.

    What follows is a series of traded confessions—of their messy histories, their past errors, their big loves, their flaws, and their passions. Each love affair, confessed as honestly as possible, reveals the ways in which Jane and John have grown and changed—or not changed—over the years; the people they’ve hurt, the ones still bruised. The ones who bruised them. Where all of this soul-baring will take them is the burning question behind every letter—a question that can only be answered when they meet again, finally, in the flesh.

    A film adaptation from screenwriter Keith Bunin (OnwardHorns) and director Peter Hutchings (THE HATING GAME) is in production. The movie stars Lucy Hale (THE HATING GAME, PRETTY LITTLE LIARSand Nat Wolff (PAPER TOWNS, THE STAND).

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