Sobel Weber Associates, Inc.

Submission Guidelines

Please send a query letter first, briefly identifying yourself and giving a 1–2-page synopsis of your book. We will respond promptly. Address your query letter to an agent at this agency and mail it to:

146 East 19 Street
New York, New York 10003

If we ask to see your material:

We require a two week period of exclusivity on requested material.

In the case of fiction, email the opening 50 pages of your manuscript, along with a brief (1-2 pages) synopsis of the work.

For nonfiction, email a proposal, including an outline and sample material, as well as relevant biographical and promotional information.


  • Novels:  We handle only adult trade books, particularly thrillers, crime, and literary fiction. We are not looking for young adult, picture books, westerns, or romances.

  • General nonfictionNearly all nonfiction is sold on the basis of a proposal rather than a completed manuscript. In general, what publishers need to see is an introduction or overview of the work, an outline or annotated table of contents and a sample chapter or two. Also important is a brief biography of the author, including the author's particular qualifications for writing this book and what he or she may be able to do to help sell the book. We have rarely sold a collection of essays or a self-help book.

  • Cookbooks:  No matter how good a cook you are, it is unlikely that publishers will be interested in a general collection of your recipes - unless you are a widely known celebrity or chef. Publishers will be as concerned about your visibility and ability to help promote a book as they are about the content of your proposed book. Do you teach cooking classes or publish articles in magazines? Have you appeared on television? As in the case of general nonfiction, most cookbooks are sold on proposal. Instead of a sample chapter, you'll need to include sample recipes - and make sure they are thoroughly tested! An interested editor may try a recipe or two.


  • We only consider material submitted to us exclusively and will respond within 4-6 weeks.
  • We require a two week period of exclusivity on requested material
  • Do not send original artwork or other material of value.